i'd like to think i'm like dr. steve brule & officer barbrady
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follow my IG:sillysick bc tomorrow is my birthday whoot shoot


i have abs………olutely nothing

stevensdharma asked: Happy birthday! Looks like you had a good one

tomorrow is the official day buttttt thank you!

Anonymous asked: Where did you get your septum ring? Also what gauge is it?

from my boyfriends piercing jar annnnd it is a 12g

dearlovelymonsters asked: Aw you're my favorite 💕 I love seeing you in my dash

aw yaya :)

piercingsandink asked: it was your birthday?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! <3 i hope you had a wonderful day!

my birthday is tomorrow but thAANK YOU I WILL REMMEBER THIS AND HAVE A GREAT DAY

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