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supernovasuicide asked: Hi Kacy tell me all about some of your tattoo ideas in great detail 😊


what i have in my head that i’m FORSURE getting

the words “prove you exist” on my left collarbone
i fell in love with that quote when i was going through a really big change in my life and ever since i’ve strived to make sure i AM somebody

a crisis moon from sailor moon on my right thigh over all the dumb scars,
it symbolizes the happy youth (cartoons, my favorite anime) overshining the bad parts of growing up and all of the negative experiences

my family crest on the back of my left calf and a wolf facing the crest with the words “leader of the pack” on my right because my family crest symbolizes the craftsman and carpentry side of my life (my father was a carpenter and made amazing wood pieces and stuff for me when i was growing up. for ex: a completely furnished doll house, a airplane rocking horse, a 2cm rockinghorse. he was very talented and he learned from my grandpa who made our family crest haha. it has the “latin” quote soc et tuem ((sock it to em, get it??? HAHAaAHAha my family>)) and the wolf is to symbolize my growth and strength through my dads recent death. when an alpha wolf dies, another just assumes power and all goes as normal)

a moth, placement tbd, matching tattoos with my grandpa to symbolize how he was the inspiration in my life. he could make anything a positive experience and see the silver lining. so the moth represents being attracted to the light

a shel silverstein piece on my feet
couldnt find it on google images but basically its a boy and a girl looking at each other and ont he back of their heads are masks of their older more adult selves, and i’ll have a banner over them saying “Mom” and “Dadee” (thats how my dad spelled daddy). it represents how deep downt hey were just kids because their addictions held them back from growing up

its a memorial piece


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